THE imesa LAB


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I_ntegrated M_olecular E_cology of S_ponges and A_scidians

The iMESA Lab is located at UNCW Center for Marine Science and seeks to advance current knowledge on the biology and ecology of marine invertebrates, especially sponges and ascidians. Two current areas of investigation are:

  1. 1.Molecular biology, including phylogenetics, population genetics, and gene expression, and

  2. 2.Ecology, including microbial symbiosis, invasive ecology of ascidians, and life cycle determination.

The iMESA Lab usually has no more than six graduate students and six undergraduate students at a time. Both graduate and undergraduate students are expected to attend weekly Lab Meetings and report their progress or discuss any issues or new ideas they may have.


  1. -Undergraduate students: MOTIVATION

  2. -Graduate students: Motivation is also critical but a little bit more is expected from you as well... Please, check the ‘Graduate Expectations’ document below and make sure you agree with its terms and conditions before you contact us for potential admission.

Prospective Graduate Students Information